Shark Rocket Complete HV382 Review

Shark Rocket Complete HV382 Vacuum Cleaner

While most of us may not be inclined to get too excited about a vacuum cleaner, if there is going to be an exception it would the Shark Rocket Complete HV382. (And perhaps the Roomba 980 since who does not love a robot that does the work for you!) There is good reason to take a closer look at the Rocket. Being a vacuum cleaner from Shark, a company that is over 100 years old, you know you are getting a trusted manufacturer. Shark are also known to have machines that are more affordable than say other makes like the mentioned Roomba or Dyson. After a good testing this proves to be an upright that is both effective and one that will last a good few years. Here are some reasons this could be the upright cleaner for you.

Shark Rocket Complete HV382

HV382 Features

1) Assembling it is easy – Who wants a cleaner that takes 2 hours to put together when it gets to you? Nobody! Thankfully there is no 10 page instruction booklet when you open up the box with the Shark Rocket, just a four step process that is so simple anyone can do it whether you are handy around the home or not. A straightforward process of clicking the hand held to the wand and then that wand to the upright’s floor nozzle.

2) Easy to maneuver with its swivel steering – Just like the suitcases you can now wheel in any direction, over any bump, this vacuum cleaner has an enhanced swivel steering so it is easy to get into places and turn with it as you clean. And thanks to the patented technology No Loss of Suction as you move around and turn, the vacuum nozzle still remains flat to the ground so that it still picks up. Another vacuum cleaner from Shark with the Swivel technology is the Shark Navigator Swivel.


3) Dual Brushroll system ensures deep cleaning – Whether it needs to tackle the coffee grains you just spilled on your hardwood floor, or the cat litter your cat has tracked around the house, or even the hair it has left ingrained into your carpet and furnishings, this cleaner can reach it and clean it up. Stuck on debris, tiny particles and even large particles do not stand a chance the cleaner’s patented DuoClean technology.

4) Automatically makes the change from hardwood to carpeting – With a lot of vacuum cleaners when you move from a hard floor to carpeting you need manually turn a knob or switch or change accessories. With the Shark Rocket Complete HV382 it has two brush rolls that are specialized and change by themselves. There is a switch for the power of your cleaning though, so if you are doing something more delicate you can change it to the lower speed setting. If you are on deeper carpeting and it needs something stronger you can turn up the power placed within easy reach on the handle.

5) Can reach crevices from couch to car with specialized nozzles – of course we do not just use our vacuum cleaners for hard or carpeted floors. We also use them on upholstery, stairs, to dust hard to reach places, clean up cobwebs, reach underneath tough places and to clean out the car. With the Shark Rocket comes six tools or accessories to help with any cleaning job you want. These include an under-appliance wand, upholstery tool, hair removal tool, motorized TruePet mini brush, dusting brush and a crevice duster tool.

6) No problem with having to swap power points – The 30 foot power cord means this upright certainly has excellent reach. You can clean from one room into another without having to change the plug to a new outlet which ultimately saves you bending up and down more and means the cleaning gets done quicker. If you do not need all 30 feet there are side hooks the rest of the cord can be wrapped in to keep it out of your way.

7) Runs quiet – While this is not a silent cleaner, as in it would not be something you would turn on when people were sleeping, it does run quiet so less noise for you to suffer through, and less likely to annoy neighbors under you or around you if you live somewhere like an apartment.

8) Simple storage – Just like the Shark Navigator Swivel, it should be stored upright. There is a wall mount you can use to put it somewhere that is easy to reach or you can store it in a closet or cupboard. It will need to be leaned against a wall or something though, as it it is not propped up it does fall over.


9) Maintenance is easy – On the dust cup is a mark saying Max level. When the contents reach that you know it is time to empty it. This may mean just opening and emptying or if you have a lot of hair for example in the dust cup, you may need to get the hair removal accessory out to help get the hair wrapped in the brush roll. How often you have to rinse the filter will depend on how often you used the Shark Rocket Complete but generally a monthly rinse is enough to keep it working at optimal level.