Robot Vacuum Cleaners

What You Must Know About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart machine that gets your cleaning done for you when you want it done and where you want it done. We are not talking artificial intelligence smart but you can input the relevant information needed and it will carry it out without you having to interfere, move it or even be home at the time! It can handle hard or carpeted flooring, collect dirt and debris with efficiency and then when its job is done it returns to its docking station to recharge and some will even alert you to the fact their job is done.


How do robot vacuum cleaners work?

First of all it when it is not working it stays in its docking station, this is where it charges and where it comes back to when it is done. Most robot vacuum cleaners have a docking station and it should be placed in an open area so that the vacuum cleaner can easily navigate itself back into the station. A cupboard or cramped space is not the best option as that can make it hard for the robot vacuum cleaner to re-dock. But how does the cleaner find its way back to that station you are probably wondering.


Basically there is a V shaped light beam that the docking station casts that acts as a beacon to the robot cleaner. During its cleaning cycle when it is out vacuuming if it sense that beacon it avoids it, as it is still actively working. When its battery runs too low or when the cleaning cycle has been completed it uses that beacon to guide itself back to the station. Those few robot cleaners that do not have a docking station usually have some kind of power supply unit that can be manually connected when it is finished.

The owner decides what days and times the robot vacuum cleaner is going to be active and where it will clean. On those days it has been programmed to it will power up, move out of its station and vacuum. If the battery happens to run down during that cleaning the robot stops and returns to recharge again. Putting the schedule into the robots memory is a simple process, some have button sequences to push on the body and some have remote controls.

How do robot cleaners navigate?

robotic vacuum cleaner navigate

Thankfully these machines work whether you are home or not and it means you can get on with other more interesting things! It can navigate itself around because it has certain technology that enables it to sense things like walls. There are several modes it can clean with, using a diagonal lines and crossing over, doing zigzags, moving around the walls until it is in the middle of the room or moving in a spiral pattern. These cleaning modes are all part of your robot cleaner’s intelligence. If there are places you do not want it to go there are things like Roomba’s lighthouses and virtual walls. Some models come with some, but some you have to buy separately. These can be set up and send a signal to the cleaner so that it changes direction and avoids that area.

The difference between a virtual wall and a lighthouse is that the latter as well as having the infrared light beam also has radio-frequency technology so that it can tell the robot vacuum cleaner how to improve its cleaning and to reposition itself better. This then should improve how efficiently it cleans. Also if the docking station is a fair distance away the light house can help guide the robot back to the docking station, just as a real lighthouse guides ships on the water.


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