Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

Shopping at a department store for a great lightweight vacuum cleaner can be difficult as there are so many options to search through. Lightweight cleaners are very useful in homes where you have more than one flight of stairs to go up and down each time you are cleaning. Regular uprights are bulky and usually heavy and many people have hurt themselves or strained something lugging one up and down at some point. However because there are now such a variety of option on the market it means people can find cleaners that are more suited to their needs at a price they are comfortable with. Just keep in mind that with lightweight cleaners that use bags you may have to empty it more frequently than other kinds of cleaners.

lightweight vacuum cleaners

The Bissell 3106A

bissell-3106aThis is a great lightweight cleaner that has many customers happy with their investment. It is bagless so you have an easy to empty canister when it becomes full and no bags you have to remember to buy and replace. The great thing about this option that people love is that it converts easily from a regular lightweight vacuum cleaner to a handheld which is great when it is time to clean the stairs or do other things like curtain and furnishing cleaning. Sadly this vacuum cleaner wasn’t in VacuumPick’s list of best vacuum cleaner for stairs as it would be definitely in our top list. It is also effective on any kind of flooring, not just for carpeted floors so if you have tiled or hardwood floors you can use the same cleaner.

Where some homes opt to have a large vacuum cleaner and a handheld they use for dusting and the like, if you get this great lightweight vacuum cleaner you can do it all with just the one machine. Plus it is super affordable at around $40 to $80.

The Eureka 437AZ

eureka-437azIf you want a lightweight cleaner that is bagless but with a larger canister so less frequent emptying needed you could look at the Eureka 437AZ Optima. It weighs 11 pounds and with this lightweight vacuum it is possible to clean as large an area as you would with a regular heavier one. You have a nice stretchable hose and a crevice wand to reach into the nooks and crannies, a power paw attachment to help with vertical cleaning and stairs and a brush for dusting.

It is also nice that this comes with the best filter you can get in a vacuum cleaner, the HEPA which ensures even tiny particles are collected and do not escape. This makes it good for those with allergies as things like dust mites, ragweed and pollen are taken out of the home. A lot of owners are also positive about its suction power and its effectiveness even for pet owners. With this you can do the cobwebs up high, the stairs, reach into corners and do the floors and it only costs about $80.

So if you are thinking of replacing your cleaner and are thinking about what the best lightweight vacuum cleaner option might be check out those two great choices. There are a lot of options today that mean you do not have to end up with something bulky and too heavy for you!


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